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Editorial Policy

The Activities Directors’ Quarterly (ADQ) considers articles, lesson plans, program outlines, commentaries, and studies related to activities-based programs and research which would be of interest to activities directors, occupational therapists, and other professionals in long-term care, transitional care, and assisted-living facilities.

General Policy

The editorial staff is pleased to process and reply to any enquiries received, as well as to advise authors in the preparation of manuscripts. Our goal is to provide relevant, high quality information from diverse sources; to write and publish with absolute integrity; and to serve as effectively as possible the needs of those involved in activities programs for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. If you have information, articles, or manuscripts that would help us achieve these goals, we would like to hear from you.

Manuscript Submission

Electronic manuscript submission in preferred. Attach articles in MS Word, WordPerfect, or rich text (.rtf) format to the journal email address at If submitting via regular mail, please supply your article on a 3½ inch IMB-PC format floppy disk in MS Word 6.0 or greater, WordPerfect, or rich text format (.rtf). Manuscripts and all correspondence should be addressed to the Managing Editor, Activities Directors’ Quarterly, 470 Boston Post Road, Weston, MA 02493. Submit one paper copy of the manuscript, typed and double-spaced, with the floppy disk. In most cases, the text should be 1,500 to 2,500 words (seven to 12 pages).

Manuscript Format

We ask authors to follow the specific format developed for ADQ. Begin with the program’s “Objectives,” specifying the appropriate functioning levels, stage of dementia, and environment (nursing, assisted-living, adult day care, or transitional care facility); a brief “Overview” or “Introduction,” specifying the format (individual, large group, or small group), optimal number of participants, frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly), and ideal duration of the activity; a “lesson plan” or “outline,” detailing all steps in the process, including selection criteria, caveats, materials needed, and how or if other staff may become involved; “Discussion” and “Results” sections can contain all pertinent information acquired from design, implementation, and evaluation of the activity as well as anecdotes, case studies, examples, and research data; the “Conclusion” or “Recommendations” should directly address successes, failures, limitations, and suggestions for how others may replicate or adapt the activity at their facilities. The cover page should indicate the article’s title, the full name, highest pertinent academic degrees, institutional affiliations, and current address of each author, contact information for the author handling all correspondence, telephone number, fax number, and, if the manuscript was orally presented at a meeting, the name of the organization, place, and date it was read. The first use of an uncommon abbreviation should be preceded by the full name. Brief definitions of key terms may be appended to the manuscript and can be presented as marginal notes in the article. Heads should indicate abstract, objectives, overview or introduction, lesson plan or outline, discussion, and results. Subheads should be inserted at suitable intervals.

Figures & Tables

ADQ welcomes figures, tables, and photographs to accompany articles. Figures and tables should be titled and numbered consecutively according to the citation in the text. Information presented in figures and tables should be explained in the text. If data were published previously, an appropriate reference should be included. Legends for figures and tables previously published should include a complete reference to the original publication, with the copyright designation. Copies of the publisher’s and author’s permission to use the figure must be provided. Photographs should be numbered as figures and include captions. Tables, photos, and figures must be submitted in the following formats: TIF, JPEG, or EPS.

Manuscript Review

Articles containing original material are accepted for consideration with the understanding that they are contributed solely to ADQ. Authors should secure all necessary clearances and approvals prior to submission. ADQ is a refereed journal. All manuscripts are generally subject to editorial review by two members of the editorial advisory board who are noted experts in the appropriate subject area. ADQ reserves the right to make editorial revisions prior to publication. All manuscripts are acknowledged immediately, and every effort will be made to advise contributors of the status of their submissions within 60 days.

Abstracting & Indexing

Indexing services are pending. Authors are asked to provide a one-paragraph (125 words) abstract summarizing the main points of the article, including a list of keywords and designated appropriateness of the activity or program based on functioning level (high, low, low-assisted, or all).


References should be cited in the text in numerically consecutive order, according to the form:

1. Reisberg B, Ferris S, DeLeon M, Crook R: The Global Deterioration Scale for assessment of primary degenerative dementia. American Journal of Psychiatry. 1982; 139: 1136-1139. [for journal articles].

2. Bayles K, Kazniak A: Communication and Cognition in Normal Aging and Dementia. Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1987. [for books].


It is necessary for ADQ to receive manuscripts as far ahead of deadline dates as possible. Time is needed for the manuscripts to be reviewed, returned to the editor, edited, composed, and printed. All manuscripts should be sent as soon as they are available. We will inform the author when the article will be published. ADQ expects authors to disclose any commercial associations that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with the submitted article. All funding sources supporting the work should be acknowledged on the title page.

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