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Journal of Emergency Management
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Welcome to the website of

Journal of Emergency Management

  • emergency management
  • disaster response
  • case studies
  • terrorism
  • emergency wireless messaging
  • flood relief
  • infrastructure protection

New and groundbreaking, Journal of Emergency Management is a professional, bi-monthly journal with a simple but urgent goal: to better equip all those responsible for emergency preparedness and response to deal effectively with everything from acts of terror, fires, floods, and weather emergencies to gas explosions and catastrophic accidents on land, in the air, or at sea.

With a well-focused game plan carried out by an unbeatable team of emergency preparedness and response experts, Journal of Emergency Management is already being hailed as long overdue and a "must have" for anyone responsible for the safety and well-being of both personnel and property.

With each issue of Journal of Emergency Management look for in-depth articles on topics as wide ranging as:

  • Meeting the challenge of the shadowy world of terrorism
  • Emergency response and disaster management
  • Severe weather, flood and hurricane case studies
  • Emergency preparedness and response legislation
  • Public buildings recovery planning
  • Information analysis and infrastructure protection
  • Evacuation procedures for the visually impaired
  • Emergency wireless messaging

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