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Healing Ministry
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Welcome to the website of

Healing Ministry

  • spirituality
  • faith & prayer
  • grief & bereavement
  • pastoral counseling
  • psychosocial issues
  • chaplaincy

Healing Ministry provides lay people and clergy of all denominations a professional focus on a variety of issues concerning spiritual caregiving and bereavement support.

One of the most effective counseling tools in the field, Healing Ministry is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal offering to all those who work with the ill and dying a balanced mix of articles, research papers, studies, commentaries and human interest stories on the power of faith and prayer to spiritually guide and comfort those in need.

Regular features include:

  • Original articles: articles on every aspect of spiritual healing such as: being an effective hospital chaplain; ministering to the dying; the power of prayer; bereavement guidance and drug/alcohol counseling.
  • Spiritual healing techniques: tested approaches to providing spiritual aid and comfort.
  • Profiles in spiritual healing: in-depth profiles of special members of the profession and how they handle specific problems.
  • From the pulpit: a commentary/sounding board on current topics.
  • Book reviews: reviews of the latest books on spiritual healing.

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